Education Activities

New General Education Courses in Humanities

Course Name

The Aesthetics of Grotesque, Hatred, and Discomfort

  • This course attempts to address the everyday issue of discrimination and hatred in terms of the various visual images and aesthetics with the keywords ‘Grotesque, Hatred, and Discomfort.’
  • Academic Advisor: Jae Joon Lee (Research Institute of Humanities)
  • Semester: 1st Semester (2021)
  • Credits: 3 credits
Course Name

(Yongsan) Regional Cooperation and Problem-solving (Project-based Course)

  • This course is designed to examine the past and present of local community and to identify and resolve the issues and problems of local community. The purpose is to suggest the directions and vision for the college to co-exist with the local community and lay the foundation for the students to grow into regional experts.
  • Academic Advisors : In Chan Park (Department of English Language and Literature), Kyung Sook Jun (Research Institute of Humanities), Jae Joon Lee (Research Institute of Humanities), etc.
  • Semester : 2nd Semester (2020)
  • Credits : 3 credits
Course Name

The Modern Girls of Gyeongseong, Shanghai, and Tokyo

  • This course approaches the modernity of three East Asian countries based on the keywords ‘city’ and ‘modern girls.’ It critically discusses the development of modern cities, urban customs, modern customs, modern systems, and modern contradictions for Gyeongseong, Shanghai, and Tokyo, the three major cities of East Asia, ultimately to comprehend East Asia today.
  • Academic Advisors : Jina Lee (Department of Korean Language and Literature), Ha Gyeong Shin (Department of Japanese Studies), Dong Soon Shin (Department of Chinese Language and Literature), etc.
  • Semester : 1st Semester (2018~2020)
  • Credits : 3 credits