Research Projects

Humanities Korea Plus (HK+) Project

Our institute was selected for the type 1, creative/challenge sector for the 2020 HK+ project funded by the Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation. Accordingly, we organized the <Humanities Korea Plus Project Group> for the <Age of Hate, Response of Humanities> agenda research project, and we are conducting research with approximately 8.4 billion KRW funding for about seven years until 2027. Our institute dynamically pierces through various academic fields such as science technology, social science, culture and arts, etc. in addition to humanities, to create a new flow and mood for humanities, and based on this, we are doing our best for the success of the HK+ project.

The National Research Foundation ended the Humanities Korea project that had been carried out for 10 years, and began operation of the second Humanities Korea+ project in 2017. The Humanities Korea project aims at constructing a research basis for college research centers and strengthening research capacities to foster world-class humanities research centers. The goal of this support project is to achieve quantitative and qualitative improvements to the Humanities Korea research based on research built through the Humanities Korea support project, and it supports spreading the research outcomes throughout the society and world.

The Humanities Korea Plus research project group takes a close look at humans living in this age of hate. The 21st century faces more diverse and complicated hate problems than ever before. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic clearly demonstrated that hate is not limited to a single country, but is rampant all around the globe and can leave lasting wounds on each other. Our research project group searches to gain deeper understanding on hate issues and various ways to respond with humanities.