Research Activities

Transnational Humanities Research Team

The term ‘transnational’ refers to human/material networks or exchange by moving away from borders set to divide countries in modern times, which are the frameworks of countries today. The East Asian society today faces a variety of problems that cannot be solved by any one country such as the global economic stagnation, earthquakes in Japan, and other natural disasters, as well as new types of social threats such as radiation leaks of nuclear power plants, in addition to the fine dust issue. On the other hand, the amazing development of science technologies sets off movement and exchange of information, people, technology, and logistics that go beyond the borders of modern countries. This strongly suggests that it is now time to share problem awareness with the entire world and make a joint agreement for resolutions regarding the new problems that will be resolved in the future.

Obviously, the transnational issue is not limited to the present. However, it cannot be denied that the national conflicts of the East Asian society including Korea and the various inconsistencies and divisions of modern countries were triggered by the violent domination of the Japanese Empire in modern history, movements to different countries after its collapse, and wounds from the Cold War era. That is why transnational perceptions and insight are necessary for its historical and cultural examination.

This research team looks beyond and in between borders to think about the future through the past and present.