Research Activities

Science and Technology Humanities Research Team

The Science Technology Humanities Research Team carefully studies the reality of de-humanization and pierces through various fields such as humanities and science technology to explore the border of human and non-human.


Throughout the evolution of humanity, humans have assimilated or confronted nature and continuously spewed the human-related factors into the world and even space. And during the course of this, we constantly asked and answered the questions on what we truly are, what we are trying to do, and what we are living together with. Humanities have played the role as a knowledge system to explain and interpret all human-made things that record, think, and make.

Crisis of humanity

But now, humanities face a severe global problem. That’s because the issues that we currently face such as global warming, aging and low birth rates, political and economical polarization, racism, pandemic, and excessive dependency on technologies appear to be the results of the human desires and actions of trying to protect existing problems that we currently face. Ultimately, the crisis of the global community is urging humanities to take an interest in others living outside of humanity. And this requests ‘non-human humanities.’

Science technology humanities

Science technology humanities is a direct reaction to the hybridization and interfusion of humans and non-humans. This criticizes the confrontation of humans and nature, and culture and science technologies, while emphasizing their indeterminacy and interconnectivity. Science technology humanities walk along the borders of existing humanities to meet with science technology, and finally heads toward ecological meetings. This urges the methodological crossings of humanities and science technologies (STS), while accommodating the de-territorization of philosophy, history, cultural arts, and science technology.