Research Activities

Yongsan Humanities Research Team

The Yongsan Humanities Research Team understands the geographical features of Yongsan based on humanities to study the lives and cultures of people living there. Due to its geographical location next to the Han River, Yongsan is the starting point of capitalist economic activities, and despite being developed as Korea’s first satellite city, it has been on the outskirts of Korea’s modern history due to various hindrances such as being occupied by foreign military for about 100 years. Regional development projects are gaining momentum and it is now time to provide education that will elevate the identity and value of Yongsan by focusing on developmental potential of Yongsan.

For this, the Yongsan Humanities Research Team will create a passage connecting the past, present and future through the numerous cultural artifacts of Yongsan and establish the humanities identity of Yongsan. Moreover, it will enhance pride and knowledge about the cultural identity of the Yongsan area and help citizens discover the future humanities values for themselves together with proper historical awareness. This will be realized by continuouslyproviding residents of Yongsan with opportunities for lifelong education and reeducation.